Our vision as a church is to see the story of Jesus shape everyday life.

As we pursue this vision, a few major theological principles shape our life together.

The Story of Jesus. Christianity is about the grace of God shown to us in Jesus Christ. In the coming of Jesus Christ, all human history finds its meaning. In the person of Jesus Christ, God was pleased to dwell among us. Through the work of Jesus Christ, God reconciled our hostile world to himself, making peace by the blood of his cross. All we have to offer as a church is found in the crucified and risen Christ—in God’s free gift of perfect forgiveness, of meaningful, abundant life, triumphant over death, and of secure, eternal peace—all through faith in Jesus Christ. Our vision as a church is to see this story of Jesus shape everyday life in our communities.

Scripture. We believe that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the highest witness to God’s love for us in Christ. The Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation, and as God’s Word written, they are the final authority for the faith and practice of the Church.

Tradition. We at St. Peter’s are committed to the Anglican tradition of Christianity—the tradition that has grown from the ancient Church of England. Anglican Christians are something like “Reformed Catholics.” Our worship is liturgical and sacramental (following the Book of Common Prayer). Our theology is broadly protestant (following the 39 Articles of Religion). And our churches are united by the apostolic ministry of bishops.
(To read more about Anglicanism, click here.)

Practically speaking, at St. Peter's our life together revolves around three simple commitments:
worship, discipleship, and mission.

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